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Sugar Cubes Podcast 067: Elias


When others lock themself inside and whine, Elias, also known as Jussi "Jussi Järvinen" Järvinen has been busy streaming DJ and live sets, and he has also recorded this mix tape for your social distancing anxiety. When there are no virus outbreaks he's running the two successful clubs, Turbiinitorstai and Runway Sunday, in the Gate A21 bar. For more live gigs, check out LockdownHki on Facebook and Instagram. Spread love, not germs.

Rex the Dog - Elektromekanik
Mine Raiders - Experimental housing
Kas:t - H.U.M.A.N.
Gunnar Stiller - Take Off (Kaiser Souzai remix)
Boston 168 - Cybernetics
Waltteri - Calm
Hyperaktivist - The Vibe
Hectic Synth Attack - Ogre Threat Management
Keith Carnal - Tangerine
Poly Sone - Home is Killing Taping Music
Kas:t - Nepal
NiqW - Eih
Alex Index - Homework
Stenny - Stress Test
GRRL - Ape Dub
Axel & Jere - En mä vittu tiiä
The Prodigy - Out of Space (Techno Underworld remix)

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