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Sugar Cubes Podcast 056: Florall


Sugar Cubes Podcast 056: Florall

We are happy to present a new member of the HYTKY family. Florall has played house and garage since 2014, recently moving into the direction of UK bass music. The best chance to hear more of this is Kierr├Ątyskeskus on April 29th. Also check out his ambient / techno project Tulva.


Moke - Too Curious (Introduction)
Akkord - Scalar Wave
Tessela - Gateway
Roska - Level Up
Rico Tubbs - Chemistry
Chuurch - Resurrection
Common Underground - 27 Calibre
Addison Groove - Allaby
Crawford - Life
Sly-One - Dominate
Rooots - Motion Tracker
MM - QBT16
Patrick Brian - TS 01
Ca$h Bandicoot - IMMA (Soffos Remix)
Moke - Ice Robot
Fraxinus - Stone Drums
Wwwings - Cypher
Whisper - Deku
Mike G - Limestone
Ida Dillan - Chemical Club (Mstk Remix)
Swimful - Gold Leaf (Naaah Remix)
Denham Audio - Undulate
Twwth - Anna Latautua
AN System - Powersonic
Dinamarca & Kid Antoine - Sext
RYKT - Hinge
OD Kokemus - Say My Name

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