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Sugar Cubes Podcast 055: Matudelic presents صوات من حلقات زحل [Sounds of the rings of Saturn]


Sugar Cubes Podcast 055: Matudelic presents صوات من حلقات زحل [Sounds of the rings of Saturn]

Sugar Cubes Podcast starts the year 2017 by presenting a veteran of the scene, both behind the decks and on the dancefloor. His musical taste is as broad as his earrings. Better known for the tech house sets by his alias Node, Matudelic slows the space-time down to 110 bpm and teleports us to a random location in South America or Arabia.

Voyager 2 was approaching the Saturn system. The probe was carrying different detectors: magnetometers, plasma detectors, low-energy charged particles detectors, cosmic rays detectors, radiowaves receivers.

Recordings were made.

Interactions of the solar wind with planet's magnetosphere, magnetosphere itself, electromagnetic fields, charged particles emissions, charged particle interactions of the planet, its moons, and the solar wind.

All these electromagnetic phenomenons can be transformed into electric signals, which can in turn be amplified and used to excite the membrane of a loudspeaker; thus making audible to the human ear the beats of the cosmos.

All these sounds were recorded while Voyager 2 was passing Saturn's system at 110 000 km distance, and assembled without manipulation.

01. NASA Voyager - Sounds of the Rings of Saturn
02. Shkoon - Ala Moj Al Bahr (Goldcap Remix)
03. Shkoon - Letters (Dandara & Arutani Remix)
04. Bedouin - Bufo
05. Zone+ & Usif - Balkan (Original Mix)
06. Rabih Rizk - Heyale
07. Rabih Rizk - Al Hallaj
08. Azam Ali - Spring Arrives (David Mears Edit)
09. DM - Alhisbania (Original Mix)
10. Makossa - Vital Victory
11. Rodrigo Gallardo - El Abuelo (voz F. Milagros)
12. Rodrigo Gallardo - Ovo da serpente (Rodrigo Gallardo's Version)
13. EXZ & Dunwich - Gibbus
14. Seuil feat. Damien Vandessande- Saxy Back (Original Mix)
15. Jimi James - Paul (Original Mix)
16. Crussen feat. Lambert - The Lambert Reinterpretation (Original Mix)
17. Satori - Ikayadarh (Original Mix)
18. Eivor - Trollabundin (Yor Kultura Edit)
19. Rodrigo Gallardo - Uakti (Rodrigo Gallardo's Version)
20. Rodrigo Gallardo - Warmi caro
21. Psilosamples - Agulha no Boneco
22. Luca Musto - Movements (Original Mix)
23. Coss, Hannes Fischer - Break Every Rule World Tour '87 (Original Mix)
24. Rodrigo Gallardo - Kalimera
25. Rodrigo Gallardo - Vamos Mujer (Rodrigo Gallardo Remix)
26. Rodrigo Gallardo - Ay Que Sera Del Sol (Original Mix)
27. Pigmailão - En El Camino Para Zaña
28. Baris Manço - Egri Egri Dogru Dogru (FOC Edits Rework, Remix)
29. Thomash & Projeto Mujique - Cosmossamba
30. Ninze - Memories
31. NASA Voyager - Sounds of the Rings of Saturn

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