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Sugar Cubes Podcast 038: Pletova


Sugar Cubes Podcast 038: Pletova

Pletova started DJing some seven years ago in dubstep parties. These days you can catch him playing various styles of electronic music, techno in particular. Those who've been active in the underground techno scene in Helsinki during the previous year have most likely run across these dark sound scapes and hypnotic rhythms in shady industrial estates in parties that go by the name Häiriö. Your next chance is on Saturday 24th, the location I do not know.

Lucy - Asch Paradigm [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Aepiel - Shallow Ground [Retrospective Zoology]
Tommy Four Seven - Arx [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
MNKD - Rave [MX Technologies]
Lodbrok - Coordstrap Int [Gynoid Audio]
Kwartz - Hate [PoleGroup]
Raven - Vulke (Peder Revisitation) [Mesheland]
Modeo - Nebt (Prone Rework) [KOMPONENTI]
Jusai - Dark Voice (Luix Spectrum Remix) [Geisha Records]
Abori - K12 [Cypher]
Rraph - Sinx [Gynoid Audio]
Abori - K11 [Cypher]
Extra Dry - Sinister (Dolphy D Remix) [Geisha Records]
Kwartz - Untitled Scene [Shapeless Records]
Hector Oaks - The Life I Choose [Sonntag Morgen]
Minilogue - Clouds And Water [Enemy Records]

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